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Noble Count Outfit and Grave Finisher in the Gem Store

Category: farrier's blog
Even though the Black Lion Trading Company started celebrating Halloween early, we’re not out of festival goodies yet! Read on to learn about this week’s new offerings, plus limited-time deals!

  • Noble Count Outfit

    The new Noble Count Outfit is our most dapper look yet! Wear this outfit wherever you go to add a touch of class to any situation.
  • Grave Finisher

    Bury your defeated foes and mark the site of your victory with the Grave Finisher, a fitting end for any battle to the death.
  • Foil-Wrapped Candy

    Pick up a handful of our new Foil-Wrapped Candies to enjoy a random Experience, Armor, Speed, Strength, Rejuvenation, Karma, or Killstreak boost! Save them all for yourself, or send some to your friends as a gift.
  • Halloween Weapons

    For a limited time, we’ll be discounting last year’s Halloween weapons down to just two Black Lion Claim Tickets apiece! Claim Tickets can be found inside Black Lion Chests.
  • Trick-or-Treat Bags

    For the duration of the festival, you can get bonus goodies every time you open a Black Lion Chest! Trick-or-Treat bags will be awarded to you as a guaranteed bonus in addition to the items regularly found in chests.
  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press “O” to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

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Release Notes for Blood and Madness

Category: farrier's blog

The Mad Realm is open for business once again: log in today to partake in the return of Blood and Madness, our two-week Halloween festival!
Read more on the Blood and Madness release page, or visit our forums to read today’s release notes!

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Tyria?s Point of No Return

Category: farrier's blog

A Living World

The return of Living World Season 2 is rapidly approaching. When the season resumes on November 4, we’ll see the story pick up from the cliffhanger that left one of the world’s leaders fighting for survival, and the races of Tyria preparing for war against the Elder Dragon Mordremoth.

For Tyrians, the awakening of each of the previous elder dragons led to catastrophic world events: earthquakes, tidal waves, and the raising of a long sunken continent are just some examples of the destruction left in their wake. These have seared their marks into the face of Tyria.

Now another elder dragon stirs deep in the heart of the jungle. The world’s leaders have agreed to turn their attention to this new threat and attempt to destroy it before it can wreak the havoc they’ve seen other elder dragons sow. As season 2 returns, we turn our eyes towards Mordremoth as our next target. We also ponder the meaning of the vision given by the Pale Tree and the role that legends of Tyria’s past may play in a story that is yet to unfold.

Holiday Festivals

As we’ve done in the past, there will be festival releases interweaved into this coming Living World season. Let’s take a quick look at our festival calendar for the remainder of 2014.

This coming Tuesday, October 21, the Mad Realm returns with our annual Halloween release. On December 16, we’ll release our usual holiday-themed festivities with Wintersday. Both of these releases will feature the same content as last year but with refreshed rewards, giving you fun new festival-themed items to earn.

Into the Jungle

The road to war is paved by points of no return. Tyria has already decided to take the battle to Mordremoth. As we go on this journey we’ll learn dark secrets of Tyria’s past, venture into stories with roots deep in the very heart of Guild Wars lore, and visit places that have only been rumored to exist.

Season 2′s final episode will feature an unforgettable end for all of you who go on this journey with us. So make sure to jump in and join the ride starting on November 4.

We’ll see you in game!

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