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Upgrading World vs. World Upgrades

Category: farrier's blog

Hello, my name is Tyler Bearce, and I’m here to talk about a significant change we’re making to the way that you’ll upgrade your World vs. World objectives in the Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns? expansion. This is the system that allows teams to fortify their keeps and towers with things like stronger walls and additional guards. Afterward, I’ll explain our rework to the World vs. World ability system.

These are the changes we’ve made to the WvW upgrade system:

  • We’ve removed the supply cost for upgrades.
  • Supply holds and supply shipments will be smaller.
  • We’ve removed the gold cost for upgrades.
  • Individual upgrades are now grouped into upgrade tiers.
  • Upgrading to the next tier now happens automatically over time.
  • There are two tiers for camps and three tiers for all other objectives.
  • Higher tiers take longer to upgrade than lower tiers.
  • Each shipment from a dolyak caravan will reduce the remaining time by a set amount.
  • The time it takes to fully upgrade an objective should still be roughly the same as it was before these changes.
As an example scenario, let’s say the red team captures a tower. A timer on the “Defend the tower” event immediately begins. Each time an allied dolyak caravan arrives at the tower, the timer will decrease by five minutes. The Tier 1 upgrades will automatically occur sometime between 20 and 40 minutes as long as the red team can maintain control of the tower. The time depends on how many caravans safely make it to the objective. When Tier 1 completes, the tower immediately gains stone walls, an oil pot, a merchant, and a supply-hold increase. This process repeats until all the tiers are obtained and the objective is fully upgraded.

Along with this change will come an improvement to sentries. Sentries will greatly slow down enemy dolyak caravans and thus slow down objective upgrades. This will make the payoff for controlling the route between supply camps and objectives and ensuring a successful caravan more important, further enhancing the strategic objectives in WvW.

We made these changes to streamline and improve the existing system by making it cleaner, easier to understand, and more fair for players. Players no longer have to worry about taking supply from an objective while another player is waiting to have enough supply to upgrade it. Players also won’t have to worry about making an upgrade decision that other players may not like or feel like they’re the only person spending gold to upgrade objectives. This frees up players so they can focus on holding the objective until it’s upgraded and make sure the supply caravans arrive so the objective can upgrade faster.

Now that you know the future of keep upgrades, let’s take a look at some changes that will affect how you upgrade your character in WvW. We made these changes with a couple of major goals in mind. First, we wanted to reduce the costs of ability lines to make them feel more attainable, even to the majority of WvW players with a world ranking under 300. Second, we wanted to rebalance specific ability lines that felt either too weak or too mandatory. Due to granting the powerful Applied Fortitude and Applied Strength effects, the Defense Against Guards and Guard Killer lines needed to be extremely expensive, but that meant players often felt obligated to spend their first 230 points on these lines before they could begin branching out into other ability lines. Also, those two lines?along with the Siege Might, Siege Bunker, and Mercenary’s Bane lines that simply granted single percentage increases per ability rank?felt very weak. This drove our decision to shorten the Guard Killer and Defense Against Guards lines to five, removing Applied Strength and Applied Fortitude.

These are the changes we’ve made to the WvW ability system:

  • We reduced the total number of ability ranks of Guard Killer and Defense Against Guards from 10 to 5.
  • The Applied Fortitude and Applied Strength effects have been removed.
  • Ability lines that increased percentages from 1% to 5% now increase percentages from 2% to 10%.
  • We reduced the total cost of specific siege weapon lines from 75 points to 60 points.
  • We reduced the total cost of the Supply Capacity line from 300 points to 145 points.
  • The Supply Master and Mercenary’s Bane lines remain at 15 points.
  • We normalized all ability progression tracks of five ranks per line to 35 points.
  • We normalized all ability progression tracks of four ranks per line to 15 points.
In addition, we’ll be tracking world experience progress on the experience bar once your character hits level 80 rather than on the hidden blue WXP bar at the top as it does currently.

That’s all for now. See you on the battlefield!

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This Week on the Ready Up Livestream: WvW Automatic Upgrades and Dr…

Category: farrier's blog

This Friday, join host Joshua Davis and World vs. World Game Designer Tyler Bearce for an in-depth discussion on the new automatic upgrades system and its impact on World vs. World.

Stay tuned after the World vs. World update for the first look at how the dragonhunter fares in PvP. This is a new segment that we’ll run on each Ready Up, and we’ll use builds that you, the community, have theorycrafted!

Ready Up will air live on the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel this Friday, May 22, at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7).

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The Third European Tournament of Legends Takes Place on May 23

Category: farrier's blog

The third Guild Wars 2 Tournament of Legends will take place for European players on May 23, beginning at 3 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7), and the action will be available to view on Twitch starting at 9:30 a.m. PST (UTC-7) at Over 100 teams will be competing, with their sights set on winning the ultimate prize?a legendary weapon of their choice.

You can tune in to the Digital Professional Sports livestream tonight at 1 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) for the unveiling of the brackets and some pre-event discussion on the competition.

At double the number of teams we’d initially set, 128 teams will compete for glory and prizes. You can watch all the action on Twitch, hosted by DigitalProSports, and livestreams will be available in French, German, and Spanish. Viewers can participate in giveaways, with a chance to win a Mini Llama just for watching, so be sure to tune in!

Don’t forget?sign-ups for the May 30 North American Tournament of Legends 3 are still open! You can sign up at the DigitalProSports website.

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Lion?s Arch Construction Nears Completion; New Player Poll Announced

Category: farrier's blog
Well, the cat’s out of the bag now. Anyone who’s visited Lion’s Arch today has already noticed some pretty exciting changes?the increased activity of the construction workers, watchful reviews by the surveyors, assembly airships, a construction yard, and a whole lot of scaffolding! At long last we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and our beloved Lion’s Arch?the heart and soul of Tyria?will soon be rebuilt!

Read further for more insights into the new Lion’s Arch, get a look at some imagery of possible layouts commissioned by the Captain’s Council, and talk about celebrating this exciting event!


The New Lion’s Arch

The plan of the city leaders is not to attempt to fully restore the landmark as it once was, but rather to implement an enhanced design that will more realistically serve the Tyria of today. In light of the lessons learned from the attack by Scarlet Briar and her massive airship drill, the Breachmaker, the city will be a more fortified city, with a design intended to protect citizen and visitor alike.

And yet, the city will retain its distinctive beauty. There will be new gathering places, focused service areas, refreshed locations, and commemorative area names and place names that are sure to delight. Lion’s Arch will remain a glorious meeting place for Tyrians of every race, profession, and background.

We look forward to the fun and excitement of exploring this newly refreshed city and learning about its every corner, cubbyhole, and building!

Show Your Civic Pride: Naming Poll

Can’t wait to see what this revitalized old city has to offer? Want to get involved and show your civic pride? Read this invitation, as a Lion’s Arch town crier might offer it:

Hear ye! Hear ye! The city leaders of Lion’s Arch invite you to participate in the reinauguration of our beloved metropolis. You are invited to help in the naming of important structures, locations, and areas within Lion’s Arch!
If you’d like to help name new locations or rename old favorites, head over to this page to vote on the names of selected buildings, spaces, and landmarks. Voting will end in a week, on May 26. Check back later to see if your favorite name becomes the final choice.



Construction projects are dependent on workers and weather, both of which can be unpredictable. But while we don’t have a date for the final unveiling, we can say that?due to the advantages of off-site construction?one morning in the next few months you’ll awake to a newly refreshed Lion’s Arch.

In the meantime, we’d like every guild, group, and gang of friends to consider how they’re going to celebrate the new Lion’s Arch. A poetry reading? A historical reenactment? A musical extravaganza? Or how about just?a party? Put on your collective thinking caps, and start coming up with plans for your group’s party. We’ll give you a heads-up as the date approaches. And don’t forget to share your party plans on the official forums. Who knows?maybe some ArenaNet folks will stop by during your event!

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The Reaper in Action: Points of Interest Episode 21 Summary

Category: farrier's blog

On the latest episode of Points of Interest, host Rubi Bayer was joined by Game Designer Robert Gee for a look at the reaper, a new elite specialization for the necromancer profession. Equipping the reaper elite specialization line gives necromancers access to greatswords and opens up a melee playstyle as relentless as death itself. As always, all the numbers shown in the livestream are subject to balance changes.

The reaper was one of the first elite specializations the development team created and the first in which they experimented with changing the core F1 skill. Equipping the reaper specialization transforms Death Shroud into the melee-focused Reaper’s Shroud, which the team felt was so cool that it inspired them to also change other professions’ mechanic bar function-key skills through elite specializations. Each of the Reaper’s Shroud skills corresponds to the Death Shroud skill in the same slot, and any traits that affect Death Shroud will also affect Reaper’s Shroud.

Robert explained that the reaper’s traits and abilities were built around strong character themes, and each line of the elite specialization’s traits evokes a different style of character. The topmost line has a brawler theme, with traits that enhance the reaper’s natural effectiveness in handling large groups of enemies. The middle line creates a coldhearted character by supporting the specialization’s strong chilling effect. The bottom line is based on nightmarish movie monsters, making the reaper even more difficult to stop and harder to kill. These traits can also be mixed and matched in any combination and were designed to synergize with core necromancer specializations and skills.

The reaper gains a set of shouts, including a healing skill and an elite skill. These shouts are offensive in nature and were given a cast time to balance their power. A recurring theme of the reaper is trading speed for strength; many of their skills and abilities snare their foes or draw them in, where they can then be trapped and torn apart. Robert said that the development team usually avoids putting strong snares like chill onto weapon autoattacks as they did with the reaper’s greatsword, but they wanted reapers to be able to use the necromancer’s iconic fear skill without letting their enemies escape. If you’ve ever had a dream where something’s chasing you and you can’t seem to move your legs fast enough to get away, the reaper may be your worst nightmare.

Robert said that the greatest counter for the reaper is mobility and the best bet is to move out of their reach before getting hit with their core chilling attacks. They lack long-range options, although they have several pulls and gap closers, so be on your guard!

Robert also revealed that the necromancer’s blood magic is undergoing adjustments to make it a more supportive line; life siphons will now heal through Death Shroud, and the new Vampiric Aura will grant nearby allies the ability to siphon life from foes.

There will be no profession reveal this week. Catch the next livestream on Friday, May 22, at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7) on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel.

You can see the reaper for yourself in the livestream recording below, and be sure to stop by the official forums to talk shop with your fellow masters of death!

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Daydreamer?s Weapons, Snow Owl Mail Carrier, and a Black Lion Chest…

Category: farrier's blog
This week at the Black Lion Trading Company, our craftsmen have dreamed up some truly fantastic weapons! We also have the majestic Snow Owl Mail Carrier and exciting Black Lion Chest updates!

  • Daydreamer's Weapons

    When you let your mind wander, thoughts stir and wake your imagination. The whimsical and ornate Daydreamer’s Weapons will captivate friend and foe alike!

  • Snow Owl Mail Carrier

    The Snow Owl Mail Carrier will stop at nothing to make sure your mail gets delivered to your recipient. Purchase this loyal and fearsome carrier today! We’ve also updated our mail-carrier policies to give the pigeons a break. You will now always see your own mail carrier delivering mail to you if the sender started with a pigeon.

  • Black Lion Chest Update

    We have two new and exciting items in the Black Lion Chest! We’re adding two permanent unlock items to uncommon drops in the Black Lion Chest?the Raven Mail Carrier and Parrot Mail Carrier!

    • Raven Mail Carrier
    • Parrot Mail Carrier
    • Minis 3-Pack
    You can check this wiki article for an up-to-date list of all drops from the Black Lion Chest.

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press 'O' to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

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